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Logo Design for a T-Shirt Label

Logo design for a T-Shirt label

VINX is a brand of a new T-Shirt label company and was required a logo design.

Contest holder was looking for a very creative logo for its company as said in the brief; “My label is not about slogans, funny t shirts or generic t shirts. I am focusing on being unique in the market and hence am looking for an extremely creative logo.

They use the great and affordable service provided by 110Designs to host their logo design contest and chosen our Gold package that includes a logo design along with business card and stationery design in just $174.

In the design brief contest holder describes about the brand name “VINX” and provide some ideas that he has in mind.

Vinx or V in X is about persona.
The V represents the individual similar to the idea of a V-neck t shirt. It is the person you see – It is you.
X represents the T-Shirt he is wearing, what he stands for, who he is.
Hence V “the person” in X “the t shirt”.

Contest holder asked designers to provide some logo designs based on typography (text-based logos). Also mentioned the colors he would like to see the logo designs in but not restricting to.

I want to see uniqueness; I am not going to restrict individuals to styles. Go crazy.
I prefer colors of Orange as is indicates energy and creativity which is what i want my brand to stand for. This should not restrict you though.
When you submit designs, please submit one with and without an image.

See some of the logo designs that our designers came up with:

D1 - Logo Design D1 - Logo Design D1 - Logo Design
D1 - Logo Design D1 - Logo Design D1 - Logo Design
D1 - Logo Design D1 - Logo Design D1 - Logo Design

VINX contest received a total of 101 logo designs and finally the contest holder selected a creative logo design to represent the company. Have a look at the winning logo design.

Logo design for a T-Shirt label-winner

As the package includes business card & stationery design, contest holder received logo design source files along with business card & stationery design source files. Here is how business card looks:

Logo design for a T-Shirt label-Businesscard

This really is a risk-free, quick and simple way of getting a fresh, custom-made logo design along with business card & stationery design at a wonderful price! Start now.

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  • I think logo design is now one of the demanding job and every one wants to be fashionable. Thank you for this nice post.