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It's an awesome idea getting multiple designers to compete for your logo.

Harvey Moore

Paid $145 for 39 concepts.

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We were amazed by the number and quality of the designs submitted.

Ralph Mauzy

Paid $160 for 73 concepts.

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It was great to have so many creative brains working on my logo design!

Jasper Ah Mouy

Paid $150 for 138 concepts

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Features of Real Estate Logos

A logo is an essential tool for a business today. Logos can prevent your business from high expenses. It helps in conveying messages in a short manner rather than opting for those long sentences, which costs a lot in getting them printed. Like trademarks, logos also perform the same function. They basically help in portraying the true image of the company. Practically, every individual and organization in the business world too has a logo deign, which will define their individuality and originality.

When we talk about businesses like real estate ones, we generally find their logos to be more on the formal side. Unlike the travel or music business, this business tends to be more serious and highly focused. Their dealings are generally related to things like buildings, lands, property, estate, etc.

Some of the qualities dominating real estate logos are given in more detail below.

Choice of color

As said before, these logos are formal. Therefore, they generally consist of colors like black, brown, and grey, etc. The colors green and red are used in estate logo. The colors basically add a sense of excitement and liveliness in the work that real estate agencies do.

Brown is a color used in such logos, as estate agencies help in depicting the constructional and development nature of the business. Shades of yellow integrated with brown and black are also used to lend a simplified look to the real estate logo.

Fonts and writing styles

Bold and fairly large fonts are common among real estate logos. Fonts are the basic consideration in logo design. Real estate logos must consist of fonts, which its clients can easily recognize.

In designing real estate logos, a lot of emphasis is placed on the formal nature of such designs. Informal fancy fonts like Monototype Corsiva font styles are rare among such logo designs. You won’t find fancy writings, graphic images and things made on the logos.

The above given elements are the basic properties towards creating definitive and captivating real estate logo designs.

This really is a risk-free, fast and easy way to get yourself a new, custom-made professional logo design at a fantastic price!

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