Logo design for a T-Shirt label

T-Shirt label logo

1st Winner
Logo design for a T-Shirt label
by steyr

Allwyn got their new logo by running a design contest:

Logo design for a T-Shirt label



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It all began with a design brief.

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Brand: VINX


Contest Description:

I am starting up a T-Shirt label and require a logo for my company.

My label is not about sloagans, funny t shirts or generic t shirts. I am focusing on being unique in the market and hence am looking for an extremly creative logo.

Vinx or V in X is about persona.

the V represents the individual similar to the idea of a V-neck t shirt. It is the person you see - It is you.

X represents the T-Shirt he is wearing, what he stands for, who he is.

Hence V 'the person' in X "the tshirt"

I want to see uniqueness, I am not going to restrict individuals to styles. Go crazy.

I prefer colors of Orange as is indicates energy and creativity which is what i want my brand to stand for. This should not restrict you though.

When you submit designs, please submit one with and without an image.

Designers across the globe
unleashed their creative wizardry,
delivering awe-inspiring designs.

by steyr
by m4lik
by vcci

Allwyn worked closely with designers to polish their ideas.

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And then, they picked a winner!

1st Winner
Logo design for a T-Shirt label
design #50 by steyr
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