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It's an awesome idea getting multiple designers to compete for your logo.

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We were amazed by the number and quality of the designs submitted.

Ralph Mauzy

Paid $160 for 73 concepts.

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It was great to have so many creative brains working on my logo design!

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Features of entertainment logos

A logo is simply the representative of any company or product. Its main purpose is to make long lasting and unforgettable impacts on potential client's minds. In other words, we can say that a logo is basically the heart of any organization. Now the question that rises is: what is a good logo?

The answer to this would be: a logo is something that can make its viewers curious. A good logo should be any eye-catcher. Especially when it comes to entertainment, the complete nature and image of the company should be embedded in its logo. An entertainment logo should illustrate the nature of the company in represents.


Fonts can play the crucial part in an entertainment logo. The style of fonts is one of the most recognizable aspects in the entertainment field. So, for an entertainment logo, fonts should be artistic and readable to display the proper abbreviation or slogan of an entertainment company.


Colors like blue, black, indigo, red, orange and their gradients should be utilize while designing an entertainment logo. Such colors have a very strong impact on viewers' minds. It is very professional to decide the colors before designing the logo.

Nature of Graphics

Before giving any style to an entertainment logo, it should always be remembered that simplicity is crucial. Logos should convey the perspective of the entertainment company through its style.

The creation of an entertainment logo is always a difficult task. It is highly required to play with fonts, styles and colors in a moderate manner. Always remember that most of the time, fancy decorative material doesn't work. Entertainment logos can be very attractive through the utilization of proper contrast, colors, fonts and shapes.

It is necessary to think about resizable logos for entertainment field because most entertainment logos are used in different media at a time. All the elements of an entertainment logo should be discernible when it is reproduced in different sizes. The art of making an entertainment logo is to make it compatible with printed materials and with the web as well.

This really is a risk-free, fast and easy way to get yourself a new, custom-made entertainment logo design at a fantastic price!

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