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Business Card & Stationery Design
Business Card & Stationery Design
Business Card & Stationery Design

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Choose the design you love. The designer gets the prize money, and you get a great new design.

business card & stationery design

Leading business card & stationery design marketplace

Though corporate letterheads, envelopes and business cards have taken a back seat in a world of digital invites and e-mails, they still make a memorable statement, especially at the price we offer them for. Get your custom design stationery package at an affordable price, it’s worth it.

Get a custom business card & stationery design from $75

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Recent Design Contests

Contests Total Designs Prize
Stevens Financial Group - Logo Design
Need Creative Design for Financial Group
81 $125
Looking for logo design for the company
Looking for logo design for the company
18 $110
SFG Capital Logo
Company Logo!
139 $110
Amelia Earhart Airport - Logo design
AE Airport
60 $110
Logo for premature baby charity organisation
Looking for a logo for our charity organisation, supporting parents with a premature baby
39 $110
Logo for upcoming DJ / Producer / Videographer GROUNDLAND
To create logo for GROUNDLAND
69 $110
logo for a streetfood / catering - project
thai streetfood-trolleys
46 $100
Construction management company needs logo design
123 $300
شعار لموقع إلكتروني و لتطبيق على الجوال
شعار عن حب التعلم و الاستكشاف
132 $150
Kitchen and bathroom resurfacing business needs a modern logo
we are excited to see a modern logo to match our modern business.
141 $150
Fitness Equipment & Apparel Company Logo
New Logo design for Fitness Equipment & Apparel Company
65 $110
LDH by Delphine
Love Don't Hurt
62 $110
Gross National Happiness USA - logo for non-profit
Making happiness our new bottom line
69 $120
SPORT Application for fan experience
sport, stadium, experience, fun, game, match, statistics, tickets,
95 $160
Logo for Consulting Company
Management Consulting Company seeks Professionally Designed Logo
96 $120
Atchison Rail Museum
Atchison Railroad Museum
49 $150
retro rv park
Rv Park
59 $350

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More questions?

How many designers will participate in my project?

An average contest has lots of designers competing to create the perfect design. The more money you offer, the more designers you will bring in.

How many design entries will I receive to choose the winner from?

On average, we receive 25+ designs per business card & stationery design contest, from lots of different designers over a 7 day period.

Will the designers target their designs to suit my business?

Our designers produce designs in line with your preferences, so every entry to your business card & stationery design contest is custom-built just for you!

What if I don’t like any of the designs I received?

We offer a 100% money-back guarantee! If you don't like any designs, then simply ask for a refund within 60 days of payment. You can exend your contest for more days as well.

How much does it cost to host a business card & stationery design contest?

You determine the budget by yourself! The prices begins at $75 and in general, the more money you offer, the more business card & stationery designs you will have to choose the best from.

Am I allowed to have designers modify the designs they create for me?

Definitely. Designers prosper on instructions, therefore the more feedback you provide, the higher the quality of your accomplished product.