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110Designs is the fast, affordable way to get the perfect logo design for your animal & pet business. We turn your project into a logo design contest, where design professionals across the globe compete to produce a winning logo design, just for you!

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How logo design contests work

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It's an awesome idea getting multiple designers to compete for your logo.

Harvey Moore

Paid $145 for 39 concepts.

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We were amazed by the number and quality of the designs submitted.

Ralph Mauzy

Paid $160 for 73 concepts.

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It was great to have so many creative brains working on my logo design!

Jasper Ah Mouy

Paid $150 for 138 concepts

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Features of animal & pet logo design

Animal & pet logos are an important feature that simply cannot be ignored. The sole reason being that your business is representing a group of individuals working together for a cause; hence you need to have a logo to represent that particular interest. The animal & pet logo design acts as a visual medium through which people can have an idea of your cause and that you mean serious work. If you are having a logo designed, then there are certain basic points you should know about designing animal & pet logos. You must convey these points clearly to the logo designer and ensure that he is aware of your animal & pet logo vision.

Choice of color

Colors used for animal & pet logo design are usually subtle and not too flashy. The most commonly used colors for these logos are red, orange, blue and black.

Fonts and writing styles

There are no hard and fast font rules that you have to follow for animal & pet logos. However using a professional or bold font will help you portray the seriousness of this business. The emphasis on text is not much as most often the images used are the most important element in an animal & pet logo design. When the image is given precedence, text does not need much of an effort.

Nature of Graphics

Animal & pet logo designs are usually represented by images of cats and dogs, however, these have become the most conventional and traditional images used for an animal & pet logo design. Therefore you can try to be a little creative and come up with new images. Depending on the kind of animals your client deals with, you can incorporate images of birds, reptiles and other animals in the animal & pet logo design. Full images are now a thing of the past. Minimal but outstanding is the current craze in logo designs.

When it comes to animal & pet logo design, the main focus should be on the image as that is often the central point of focus for animal & pet logos and can depict the type of services the center offers.

This really is a risk-free, fast and easy way to get yourself a new, custom-made logo design at a fantastic price!

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