Why is it essential that every business have stationery?


Image is everything especially when it comes to doing business. Whether it is a small home-based company or a big multi-national firm, every business organization needs a good business image to be able to sell to prospective clients.

When you are establishing a business or a corporate identity, it is very important that all your communications are well coordinated and that the message of your organization is presented to your clientele in a consistent manner. One of the best ways of accomplishing this job is with creative business stationery. This way whenever you communicate with a client or prospective business partner, you can be confident that they will know exactly who is communicating with them.

Business stationery is one of the most visible and valuable features of any business organization. From business letterheads and cards to compliment slips and invoices; all your stationery is seen and kept by customers. This in turn influences the way they see and perceive your business. The purpose of good business stationery is to project the image of your business and leave a lasting impression.

Sending out letters and giving out business cards are an everyday occurrence in business. A sharp, eye-catching letterhead, a well-designed envelope and a professional looking business card will not only help people remember who you are, but will show them what you are capable of doing, and that you care not just about marketing your organization, but that you are interested in the intricate details of how to serve them better.

Business letters and cards are an essential part of an organizations marketing plan. When you hand someone a business card or letter, that stationery will help form an opinion about you and the organization you are representing. How your business stationery is designed is a big deal. The quality on which it is printed and the colors which are used matter a great deal in the corporate world. Basically what this means is that your business stationery design does more than just tell people how to find you; it says something about who you are – your mission, and your goals.

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Everything from the colors you choose, to the fonts you use, right down to the texture and gloss of the paper, all of it says something about you and your business. All the stationery used by your company reflects on you and your work ethic. A full business stationery set should include:

  • Business Cards
  • Letterheads
  • Envelopes
  • External-Use forms such as invoices, receipts, memos, purchase orders, press releases, etc. &
  • Internal-Use forms such as inventory forms, billing orders, stock release orders, supply request forms, etc.

Nowadays many businesses choose specialty stocks to give their business stationery extra flair. It is very important that when you choose you stock you do so carefully considering all aspects of your business. Make sure you choose vibrant colors, and a subtle textured paper of high quality; this is because each and every letter, business card, and envelope makes a statement.

However it is also important to keep your stationery simple and uncomplicated at the same time as well. Do not get too caught up in the design elements. Every piece of stationery should include the basics like, your company name and logo, your address, your phone and fax numbers, and your e-mail address. All this makes it as easy as possible for your clients to respond to your offer with all the information they readily need available right in front of them.

Good business stationery is an essential part of doing business, and by choosing the correct stationery you not only send a message to your clients but you leave an indelible impression on them.