Importance of Personalized Stationery


In this day and age of electronic and telephonic correspondence, an email or a phone call is the most convenient way of sending some a message. It’s quick, fast and easy. With an email all one has to do is go online, type in your message and click on the send button. With a phone call, all one has to do is pick up a phone and dial in the desired number However, emails and phone calls also tend to be rather impersonal and lack the appeal of a personalized letter.

Personalized stationery is now being revitalized once more with the help of the Internet. The importance of personalized stationery should never be underestimated. We all use stationery for different purposes from personal notes to corporate business cards. The stationery we use should always look attractive as it represents us and who we are. It is a great way to market oneself and one’s organization, while at the same time it also giving someone their own unique identity that is both distinct and one-of-a-kind.

By personalizing stationery, both business and individuals alike can reap the benefits of making the recipient of a letter or card feel more special and more appreciated. Personalized stationery is the perfect way to express yourself or the personality of your organization, and it also makes its receiver believe that they are thought as more than just another face in the crowd.

Currently there are now hundreds of companies online that are now offering personalized stationery at inexpensive and affordable rates. These companies not only print simple letter heads and envelopes, but personalized cards and letters for businesses, weddings, special occasions, birthdays, anniversaries and other celebrations as well.

Business Stationery

Everyone knows the importance of personalized stationery in an organization, be it a small home based business or a large firm. From business cards to office memos, all the stationery used by in a company is important, as it reflects what that organization is all about; its values and its standards. By personalizing your office stationery, you can make your corporate identity a unique brand.

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Personalized business stationery is not just about being able to identify yourself in the market place; it also gives an organization the chance to indirectly promote itself. By choosing the right colors, fonts and quality of paper, a firm can define what it stands for. Personalized business stationery includes but not limited to:

  • Business Cards
  • Letterhead
  • Envelopes
  • External Business Forms like invoices, receipts, and purchase orders
  • Internal Business Forms like inventory forms, memos, pull orders, and supply requests
  • Signs

Personal Stationery

Printed personalized stationery is not just for business use only. By personalizing your letter heads, notes or cards you can give your mail an individual look and feel. Perfect for all your correspondence, personalized stationery can also be a wonderful personal gift for someone special. Some examples of personal stationery include:

  • invitations
  • note cards to say thank you or for other general purposes
  • sympathy cards
  • children’s calling cards or birth announcements
  • personalized writing paper
  • envelopes with a pre-printed address
  • place cards
  • gift tag stickers

Need help designing a professional stationery?

See our gallery of work and get business card & stationery design insights.


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  • Recently I started using stationery to write my brother letters while he lives in a different country. I like how you point out that personalized stationery makes the recipient of the latter feel more special and more appreciated. My brother receives lots of mail so having personalized stationery from me would make it easier to see which letters are from his favorite sister so he doesn’t accidentally throw it away!