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A new start-up that sells mainly frozen treats using liquid nitrogen

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Contest title: Icy Lab logo design
Sub title: A new start-up that sells mainly frozen treats using liquid nitrogen
Category: Logo Design
Brand Name: Icy Lab

Scientific innovation meets frozen treats


The theme is mostly scientific. I am using liquid nitrogen to instantly create ice cream. I am also serving coffee and other frozen treats as well. Please google "Food Lab" and "Ice cream Lab" "Liquid nitrogen ice cream" for ideas.

What I want:

I would like to see a beaker along with the shape of an electron orbit, or to incorporate safet glasses. I am open for the idea, I just want it to reflect scientific creations and innovation. I want the logo to be symmtrical, and simple. I am open for two colors, red and blue. I will attach a menu of a color that I like put I am open for other colors.

What I don't Want:

i don't want to see an ice cream cup or a too much graphics as well. Please do not put the name of the shop inside the logo, as the name is not final. Put the name under the logo.

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644_922867152.jpg Similar color is good
644_544359621.png Just ideas


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