SPORT Application for fan experience

sport, stadium, experience, fun, game, match, statistics, tickets,

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Contest title: SPORT Application for fan experience
Sub title: sport, stadium, experience, fun, game, match, statistics, tickets,
Category: Logo Design
Brand Name: POS Sport
Summary: We would like to create our logo for mobile application which is designed to improve total sport fan experience on the stadium. The app will offer many options where the most important once are ticket sales, statistic and video replay.
Description: We would like the logo to be easy recognised as a sport app especially concentrate on the stadiums. The app will cover many different sport disciplines. We are going to use this logo as our company logo as well as for a mobile application icon. The name of the company means Part Of Stadium Sport
What I want: Choose colours from: blue, navy, black, red, yellow/orange, grey It should be something simple, easy to remember and recognise. The name should be included in the logo
What I don't Want: we don't want this logo to be very colourful

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user avatar Ali Designer
Thu, 13 Oct 2016 16:22:48 +0000

Hi Sir mY logo design #8 #9 ...?

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