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Winning design by Revdy for Contest: Real Estate Investment Group

Contest: Real Estate Investment Group
Category: Logo Design
Launched: Fri, 10 Jul 2015 19:52:42 +0000
Received: 75 designs from 12 designers
1st Winning Design by: Revdy
Closed: Fri, 17 Jul 2015 19:52:42 +0000

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Creative Brief

Contest title: Real Estate Investment Group
Sub title: Creating Real Estate Solutions
Category: Logo Design
Brand Name: Evans IG, LLC.

Let's face it: Real Estate Investors have gotten a bad name over the last decade. I will not stand behind a company that takes advantage of situations or people.

That's why I would like a logo that conveys that we are a small company that will provide custom real estate solutions for our clients, a small company of professionals they can thrust.


On one hand we will deal with homeowners that need to know we are a small company of professionals with integrity, and thus I would like the logo to instill thrust, set a warm, calm tone.

On the other hand we will deal with banks, money lenders, contractors and want them to know we are not to be taken advantage of and are a small but strong potential business partner.

What I want:

You are the experts and I will leave the design up to you.

( If you need a starting point though: I was thinking blue, white and silver, maybe some green BUT I am definitely not married to the idea so, ... surprise me! )

What I don't Want:

No gold please

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user avatar Tim Evans Contest Holder
Fri, 17 Jul 2015 11:53:37 +0000

Hey Everybody,

I have asked about 50 random people over the last two days, all designs (#54, #51, #36 and #8) were very close but design #54 came out as the winner.

Thank you all for submitting those wonderful designs and modifying the designs promptly per my request.

Thank you,

Tim Evans

user avatar Tim Evans Contest Holder
Thu, 16 Jul 2015 17:12:14 +0000

Hey Everybody,

I wanted to thank you all for submitting so many wonderful designs. I have found 4 designs that I truly love equally #54, #51, #36 and #8. I am now in the process of letting a small test group evaluate these and should have results by the end of business day tomorrow.

Thank you all for doing such an amazing job,

Tim Evans

user avatar 110Designs Administrator
Fri, 10 Jul 2015 18:49:39 +0000

Designers: Contest is guaranteed. Come up with your creative designs & WOW Contest Holder.

Good luck.

user avatar 110Designs Administrator
Fri, 10 Jul 2015 18:49:32 +0000


At the end of contest, a Winner needs to provide following formats of the winning logo design:

» Adobe Illustrator (.AI) - Vector format
» Adobe Acrobat (.PDF) - Portable document format
» Encapsulated Post Script (.EPS) Vector format
» Adobe Photoshop (.PSD) Layered format
» Joint Photographic Group (.JPG) Image format (RGB colors)
» Graphic Interchange Format (.GIF) Image format (RGB colors)
» Portable Networks Graphic (.PNG) Image format (RGB colors)
» Tagged Image File Format (.TIFF) Printable image format (CMYK colors - 300dpi)

user avatar 110Designs Administrator
Fri, 10 Jul 2015 18:48:08 +0000

Guidelines for Contest Holder:

You can provide feedback to designers via following methods:

1. Rate the designs using Star Ratings above each of the design.
2. Use Discussion section to provide feedback to all designers.
3. Use Designer Entries page to provide feedback to specific designer on specific design. (Click on "Entries" link below each of the design)
4. Use Private Message System at the top right corner of contest page. (Click on Designer name below the designs; now @designer's profile page click on "Send a message to Designer" on the right side.)

This will really help designers to produce a quality design you are looking for.

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Held by: Tim Evans
Category: Logo Design
Created on: Fri, 10 Jul 2015 19:52:42 +0000
Ends on: Fri, 17 Jul 2015 19:52:42 +0000
Total designs: 75
Total designers: 12
Status: Winner(s) Selected
Is featured: Yes
Is blind: Yes
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