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Product for thinning hair

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Winning design by greendart for Contest: Logo for cosmetic product

Contest: Logo for cosmetic product
Category: Logo Design
Launched: Wed, 19 Feb 2014 23:04:26 +0000
Received: 44 designs from 9 designers
1st Winning Design by: greendart
Closed: Wed, 26 Feb 2014 23:04:26 +0000

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Contest title: Logo for cosmetic product
Sub title: Product for thinning hair
Category: Logo Design
Brand Name: Volum
Summary: • Briefing : We are launching a new product for thinning hair. The product name is VOLUM.
Description: The target audience is comprised people who have certain degrees of baldness.The goal of the product is to increase the volume of hair in places where the initial baldness is visible, concealing it and giving a natural look. The product is 100% natural, and contains no chemicals.
Additional Information:

Thank you all for the submissions. We are very pleased with most of the work submitted.

Our final decision will be announced in 48 hours.


Volum Team

What I want: The logo should be stylish, and convey the notions of beauty, quality and class, as well as being a product 100% safe to use by anyone. The font used should be modern and stylish.We ask to be used only 01 PANTONE color, or at most 02 Pantone colors - This (these) pantone color(s) should be different from the common place… We are aiming for something unique and original. The color or colors used must be able to be applied to both dark and light backgrounds.VERY IMPORTANT: we need the logo in horizontal and vertical versions.• Requirements for the graphic design professional: Must have mastery of spot colors (pantones). Must create the logo in Adobe Illustrator - and provide the final files in .ai and .eps formats, already in their respective pantone colors . . . Once the logo is approved, the professional must accept unquestioningly and with good will unlimited revisions if needed.
What I don't Want: We don’t like the red color; this color should therefore be avoided. Do not wear gold and silver pantones.ATTENTION: we will not accept Corel Draw

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Held by: Joaquim Saraiva
Category: Logo Design
Created on: Wed, 19 Feb 2014 23:04:26 +0000
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