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Contest title: Happy Family Logo
Sub title: Butchery
Category: Logo Design
Brand Name: Happy Family

We need to create a Corporate Identity for a Chain called "Happy Family"

Happy Family has many subsidiaries under its umbrella, mainly:

- Happy Family Butchery

- Happy Family Jewelry

- Happy Family Gift Zone

- Happy Family Industries

- Happy Family Food Supplies

- Happy Family Mini-markets

- Happy Family Warehousing & Logistics

- Happy Family Trading


We need to currently start with the Butchery. 

Happy Family Butchery is a very high end and modern butchery, getting fresh and the finest meat.

It offers to its selective clientele various meat products:

- Beef, Veel, Lamb, Chicken, Duck and Birds, etc...

The logo is to be appealing to consumers, fresh looking, high standard, inspiring cleanliness, and at the same time high end product.

Target Group: A and B+

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What I want:

The design should find a solution of how to have a common identity between all subsidiaries, while differentiating between each business.

What I don't Want:

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Thu, 28 Nov 2013 05:58:54 +0000


Contest has been extended for 6 more days. Come with your creative designs and wow Contest Holder.

Best of luck to all creatives.

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