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Contest title: Logo & Card Design for Carpet & Rug cleaning company
Sub title: For use across all marketing formats
Category: Logo Design
Brand Name: Ja-Doc Inglis

Ja-Doc Inglis is a carpet & rug cleaning company.  Logo will be used in our new website design, business cards, on our vehicles and for our uniforms.


Ja-Doc Inglis does carpet cleaning in homes & offices, as well as washing of fine hand-knotted rugs from around the world.  Other services include repairing of carpet & rugs.  In a nutshell: anything that can be done to maintain or restore carpet & rugs, we offer.

We turn 50 this year and would like a fresh new logo to go with the launch of our new website.

We are small, family owned business that operates exclusively in one city in Canada, but do have plans of expanding into neighboring regions.  

We offer 'green cleaning'.

The logo will also be used across all of our digital media (facebook/twitter), in print ads (phone book/mail outs) and on our vehicles and uniforms.

It would be great to see logos that use our tagline: Your Carpet & Rug Specialist

What I want:

I'd prefer not to restrict creativity with limitations.  That said, I would like any fonts chosen for our name to be very legible as we intend to use this on our vehicles.  It would be nice to have it visible from a distance or while the vehicles are in motion.

Other uses of our logo include:

  •  Digital Media - Facebook/Twitter/E-Mailing Lists
  • Print Media - Phone Book/Direct Mailouts/Coupons/Business Cards
  • Uniforms & Jackets
What I don't Want: Due to the use on Uniforms, 'thin' fonts are discouraged as they can be difficult to reproduce well with embroidery.

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user avatar Innawerkz Contest Holder
Mon, 08 Apr 2013 12:51:33 +0000

All designers: due to our inexperience with this type of design contest, we've extended the deadline by 2 days to fine tune the designs we like.

Thanks to everyone for their excellent work!

user avatar Innawerkz Contest Holder
Mon, 08 Apr 2013 12:07:19 +0000

I like the 'JDI' being used in the logo concept and prefer to have the logo to the left of the name.

Easier for layouts when used on letterheads and emails.

user avatar Innawerkz Contest Holder
Sun, 07 Apr 2013 21:19:20 +0000

Jongjawi please repost your design 43, eliminated in error

user avatar Innawerkz Contest Holder
Sun, 07 Apr 2013 20:53:28 +0000

Need to see more business card designs included with the logos please.

user avatar Innawerkz Contest Holder
Sun, 07 Apr 2013 17:58:41 +0000

Couple of variations being requested -
Favorite: design #40 - would like to see larger font similar to #5 with the black outline.
Variations on this - red color for the tag line "Carpet and Rug Specialists"
Name colors - Gold JA-DOC, keep blue for INGLIS
Varitation - All capitals for name.
add = est. 1963

Try to show all these various options - contest winner tomorrow

user avatar Innawerkz Contest Holder
Wed, 03 Apr 2013 22:22:22 +0000

QUICK THOUGHT = Would like to see some concept design along the lines of us being the MEDIC (doctor) for rugs, carpets, etc. We breath new life into their area rugs - whether by repairing or cleaning, carpets and upholstery in-home are cleaned removing viruses, stains, allergy relief- we want to be more than a cleaner - treat the health of their family and home - a health care assistant so to speak.

Just brainstorming with ideas ...

user avatar 110Designs Administrator
Tue, 02 Apr 2013 21:50:56 +0000

Attention Designers: #9 has been taken down due to breaching code of conduct.

user avatar Innawerkz Contest Holder
Tue, 02 Apr 2013 19:24:47 +0000

#5 - like the two color seperation for the names. Not sold on the bubbles ...
#1 - for a more Corporate image it's very classic - appealing, but don't see it as a good representation of the Company services profile - or for use on a vechicle wrap, web site -
#6-7 the use of the cleaning wand actually looks like a cocktail glass - not a lot of design work
#9 for the Badge design - can see some promotion ideas to run off the concept - would like the "fringes" to show more, more use of the gold (for the 50 years), less of the green
#10 - looks like mountains and snow - not carpets and bubbles
#11 - shower head??

Need better classic designs - less clip-artsy, cartoonish.

user avatar man@work Designer
Tue, 02 Apr 2013 17:16:19 +0000

#9 you shouldn't have your Email address printed on your drawings :)

user avatar 110Designs Administrator
Mon, 01 Apr 2013 16:35:19 +0000

Attention Designers! This is a GOLD contest that includes Logo Design and Stationery Design (Business Card, Letterhead & Envelope). The Winning Designer has to provide source files for Stationery Design along with Logo Design.

The contest is guaranteed and the Winner will get prize of $174. Join the contest and WOW Contest Holder with your creative designs.

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