ASM Night Vision - An up and coming in night vision sales and service

Need a professional logo to help promote brand awareness

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Contest: ASM Night Vision - An up and coming in night vision sales and service
Category: Logo Design
Launched: Thu, 01 Mar 2012 19:01:23 +0000
Received: 46 designs from 7 designers
1st Winning Design by: LagraphixDesigns
Closed: Sat, 10 Mar 2012 19:01:23 +0000

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Contest title: ASM Night Vision - An up and coming in night vision sales and service
Sub title: Need a professional logo to help promote brand awareness
Category: Logo Design
Brand Name: ASM Night Vision

ASM Night Vision is a reseller and manufacturer of night vision.  Looking for a new logo that will not only look good but reflect the products that ASM sells and supports.  Will mainly be used on the website and in email marketing.  I would prefer a design that is wider than it is tall, similar to the ratio on the website now and/or the logo.  Not square or tall please.  The wesbsite is under construction, but can be seen at


The summary pretty much covers it all.  Need a new logo for that will not only relay our professionalism but the products we carry.

Night Vision is two words, but obviously appears as one in the URL of the website and people often think that it is one word.  The logo can read ASM Night Vision or it could creatively combine NightVision as one word, but with capital letters on N and V so it's obvious it's two words. 

Night vision is typically used by military, law enforcement and some hunters and outdoorsmen.  A strong and masculine logo is needed, we have very few women customers.

Also sometime lasers are used in conjunction with night vision gear, so if a dividing line was needed for any design aspects it could be made to look like the beam of a laser.  It's an option, but not needed.

What I want:

Night vision typically has a green hue when looking through it, so many companies use that green hue in their logo since that color is so often associated with night vision.  Also, night vision is viewed through a tube or similar device, so a circle could be used to be different.

If someone wanted, a small silhouette of a soldier or someone carrying a weapon, wearing a helmet with a night vision device could be incorporated, but again not needed.  

You can search Google images for night vision and get ideas of the color and appearance.

You can search Google images for pvs-14 to see the most common night vision device sold.

Similar websites of competitors that market and sell what I do are:  

What I don't Want:

Nothing overly flashy, script fonts, cartoonish, etc.

Need to be clean and professional.

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user avatar 110Designs Administrator
Thu, 08 Mar 2012 16:11:26 +0000

Designers: The contest is extended for 34 hours as the Contest Holder requires final round designs from some of the designers.


user avatar ASMNightVision Contest Holder
Wed, 07 Mar 2012 11:26:32 +0000

#10 looks really good, like the simplicity and the style of it. Clean and professional while getting the brand across.

Like the latest entry #26 because of it having the entire web address as part of the design. It might be a little flashy of a design for us, but not bad at all.

#13 is good as well, definitely prefer the font in #8, please go back to that.

user avatar ASMNightVision Contest Holder
Tue, 06 Mar 2012 08:34:46 +0000

#6 is good, we are leaning toward the designs with the circle next to the ASM instead of over them. So 6 and 8 are great options. I like the green in #8, it's a little brighter and more eye catching. If using the reticle or crosshairs like you are now, don't have a square in the middle, crosshairs have dots or dashes.

Also would like to see #6 with at least one more text style option. Something along the lines of #8 or a mix of the #6 and #8 styles.

#8 is looking great, like the font and the colors/shading. Need to work on the person outlined with the helmet on. The night vision unit that we need to outline and show should resemble the PVS-14 unit, this is the most popular unit out there right now with buyers.

Also on #8, please remove the laser beam that is cutting through ASM, we decided no laser beam look.

May want to see something like #8 with the changes made and another text style option as well.

user avatar ASMNightVision Contest Holder
Mon, 05 Mar 2012 06:25:03 +0000

#1 - Good idea, needs to be a different green, check out what night vision green looks like. Your green is to pastel. Also, the night vision would have a bracket on the helmet that connects it, right now it appears to just be floating. Text needs to be a little more exciting.

#2 - Thanks for the entry, but needs a lot of work. No blue tones please. Also, looks for a little more flair and style, text is very plain and needs some sort of design element added.

#3 - A good start for sure. Should obviously read ASM and not ASG, please change that. Also, can you show it on a true black background as well please.

#4 - Also a very good start. Since there is room below for the whole URL, can you make it read ASMNIGHTVISION along the bottom please. Also on a black background.

#4 - Another option I'd like to see, have the "S" that's in the night vision circle be black, and the other area in the circle be the night vision green. Does that make sense?

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