5 Design Tips to Generate More Leads On Social Media

Social media is becoming more and more important every day. As individuals, but also as brands, social media, in its various shapes and forms, is one of the most densely populated spaces online. In fact, according to Datareportal, more than half the world (58.4%) can be found on social media.

When it comes to lead generation social media has an amazing reach so it’s well worth looking into how you can use design to generate leads.

Companies today dedicate a vast amount of resources to lead generation because of the power it has to grow your business. High-quality leads can boost both your sales and ROI as they move from leads to converted customers.

Design can be a great tool when it comes to converting people who have a simple interest in your company’s product to genuine, high-quality leads. Lead generation using social media can boost brand awareness, increase web traffic and even improve community engagement.

5 Design Tips to Generate More Leads On Social Media

Generating leads through social media is incredibly important for developing your business but aside from traditional lead generation tactics, there’s a lot you can do using your design skills. That’s not to say lead magnets, free tools, targeted ads, and social influencers aren’t an option, they’re just not the only option there when it comes to generating quality leads. Especially for a creative Designer.

1. Use a landing page that’s user friendly and conversion-optimized

Landing pages are one of the most important ways to generate a lead and, when done correctly, can have a major part to play in converting that lead.

You may have a fantastic product to offer or mouth-watering content, or even specials you think can’t be beaten, but in today’s incredibly competitive and innovative digital world, a minor inconvenience may wind up costing you. According to Canva, 94% of the people who didn’t take well to a site had to do with design reasons while only 6% took issues with the actual content.

A well-designed landing page that feels fluid and naturalistic, can have a major impact on generating a lead. If your landing page is simple, contains a short but informative video, and sticks to point-based information rather than walls of text, you’re well on your way to success.

A good landing page should keep a user on the page and not click away without them acting on what you need them to and is complemented by non-invasive imagery. The value of your content or product should be clear and accentuates your value and shouldn’t waffle text-wise. It’s important to inform the viewer without boring them or losing their engagement.

Ultimately, your landing page should deliver a form that pushes them towards the desired business goal or action so that you can get the ball rolling as naturally as possible.

2. Make infographics to capture attention and relay information easily

When it comes to impactful design that generates leads quickly and maximizes engagement, there’s nothing as impactful as a great infographic. This is because human beings as a species are such highly visual creatures.


Highly shareable, creative, easy to understand, and the perfect way to impart information quickly, any design-based lead generation strategy just wouldn’t be complete without including infographics.

Infographics are captivating and can keep a reader’s attention focused on your site, post, or update which is crucial when it comes to converting, attracting, and converting a lead into a customer. The more a lead’s attention is kept, the higher your chances are that they’ll be curious about you as a business or product.

For those who aren’t the most gifted with design or those still getting to know the ropes, there are plenty of online services that can both offer you guidance in terms of creating or creating one for you., PiktoChart, and Adobe Kuler are all great options for laymen when it comes to creating beautiful and informative infographics.

3. Use and link your social

The easier your socials are to navigate and integrate with one another, the more cross-platform traffic you’ll be able to generate.

Social media is one of the largest sources of convertible internet traffic, so if you’re attempting to generate leads, using your social media channels can be vital when it comes to generating leads.

It’s important to make use of some sort of content strategy to get the most out of your social media. Random, uncoordinated posting or visually unappealing, disconnected posts will not only make your audience less likely to follow you but less likely to trust you and your business.

If you’ve got a restaurant, for example, and are trying to grow your customer base, a strong social media presence, stunning photos of what you can offer, and an opportunity to engage with your customers and prospective customers are crucial to growing a business.

Being able to build an Instagram following, a well-structured Facebook page, or, if you want to build B2B leads, a comprehensive Linkedin profile that links is crucial in today’s day and age. Each offers their own social lead integrations that make generating leads on their platforms easier and more effective than ever.

4. Integrate Video

According to Cisco, in 2022 video makes up as much as 82% of all online consumer traffic. To say that video is on the rise is a massive understatement.

That fact that we mentioned earlier about humans being highly visual creatures is even more accurate when it comes to video. Videos make information easily digestible, entertaining as well as shareable. Which, when it comes to generating leads, is highly valuable.

By using video, you’re able to build trust with your viewers and educate them about your company in a way that’s engaging and non-invasive. According to Optinmonster, this enables video marketers to get as much as 66% more qualified leads and in addition, 93% of markers credit video through social media with landing a new customer.

Youtube’s annotation ability and Facebook’s “Call to Action” can really help with acquiring leads by including links to landing pages that are specifically optimized to capture leads. This helps subtly push an audience towards taking specific actions that will increase your chances of converting a prospective lead towards being a customer.

5. Use a sliding deck

Slide decks are a great design tool when it comes to creating interactive content that keeps leads engaged with what you have to say.

Slide decks are incredibly interactive because it requires users to click through sides at their convenience. When combined with great, leading copy and attention-grabbing design, they enable you to turn a potential, curious lead, into an informed, potential customer.

Siding decks are great for designing an informative easy-to-digest version of your most popular or valuable content. By putting your most valuable information on separate slides you can draw the viewer’s attention to the message you’re trying to convey before packing everything into a single deck. This package can then be used for various marketing purposes or even conferences, presentations, and pitches.

Final Thoughts

Design is a great tool when it comes to generating leads in a unique, creative, and fun way. Oftentimes when you think about how to generate leads, a more analytical approach is used. Luckily, there’s more than one approach to success, especially when it comes to marketing.

You can accomplish a lot more by implementing some of the tips we’ve mentioned above. Humans are incredibly visual and design has a definite role to play when it comes to acquiring quality leads.

Good design can mold how a lead feels about a brand. Trust, authority, expertise, and quality are things you can make a user feel in seconds what words take minutes or hours to accomplish. To convert a lead, a user needs to understand and want to know more. This is where design plays a vital role, especially in the incredibly competitive and dynamic role of social media.

As much as telling your story or message through text and writing is important, it’s equally important to remember it’s not the only thing that matters. Quality design has an equally important role to play when it comes to enticing and informing leads.

Great design is often a subtle art that many people don’t notice because it does such a great job at making the product or content shine. This is especially true when it comes to design’s role in lead generation.

By using these 5 tips, your social media will have you seeing not just an increase in the quantity of your leads, but the quality of these leads.

And ultimately, that’s the name of the game.