3 ways to make your business stand out with your website


Being bold in a crowded marketplace is really a difficult task common to just about every business owner at some point. Irrespective of how big is the business, the industry or the geographic location, competing for customers’ interest can feel like a constant challenge. Even if your business is alone of its kind in your area, a barrier you still need to get over is the sheer number of distractions that can prevent your customers from understanding you, discovering you and following through to interact along with you.

That’s why it’s essential for every business to present a website that draws in customer attention – and encourages visitors to engage with your business. Here are three strategies to help your website stay ahead of the bunch:

1. Show what makes your business unique

Your unique selling proposition (USP) is what makes your business distinctive from competitors. For some businesses, it may be hands-on service or perhaps the newest fashions or unusual menu offerings. Knowing your own USP allows you to communicate it on your website as well – making it easy for customers to see the difference. Ask yourself what makes your business unique, and then showcase that on your website.

If “low prices” is the only unique selling proposition you can come up with, it might be worth revisiting your products and services. Customers do want low prices, of course, but if two businesses feature the same pricing structure, then other aspects of your business – excellent customer service, the variety of inventory, certain aspects of expertise, etc. – can push you ahead of the other guys.

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2. Tell your entire story

While it’s important for an entrepreneur to perfect an elevator pitch – that is, your 30-second encapsulation of what your business does – it’s also essential to ensure your website expands upon that elevator pitch and tells the entire story of your business.

Your USP is a crucial part of your business, but it’s only one aspect of it. Don’t hesitate to create additional sections or pages on your website that use easy-to-understand text and photos to expand on what makes your business different from others.

3. Broadcast your best assets

Sometimes a business inadvertently obscures the one thing that inspires customers to seek out that business. When taking stock of your unique selling proposition, make sure you’re emphasizing what actually sets you apart. In some cases, it might be hiding in plain sight.

What do you want potential customers to know about your business after just a few moments on your website? Ask friends or family who have never gone to your website to look at it for five seconds. If they can’t figure out your USP or your most significant products or services in that brief time, that’s your cue to change the way your website conveys with customers.

A strong website design is a must for every business. But not just any old website will do. Make sure your website gets your business stand out from the competition and gather the attention your business deserves.

Need help designing a professional website?

See our gallery of work and get web design insights.