Why Brand Consistency Is Crucial


Your brand is the public face of your business. Whether the key factor of communication between you and the consumer is via physical locations or through the web, running with a consistent brand identity is important. On the other hand, fragile or irregular branding can be disastrous.

In this article we’ll evaluate the primary advantages and importance of consistent branding and give a number of ways to maintain your business identity apparent, exceptional, and well-respected.

The benefits of a unified brand identity

A consistent brand identity has many obvious advantages:

  • It enhances your brand’s appearance.
  • It distinguishes you against competitors in a constricted marketplace.
  • It maintains your corporate concept on stage.
  • It increases knowing of your brand.
  • It contributes greatly encourage recurring business and consumer commitment.
  • It boosts brand credibility.
  • And it pushes very good buzz for your brand in social media.

How brand inconsistency damages

Brand inconsistency can hurt your business’ foundations in a number of ways.

First, it confuses your potential clients. A person looking around for top level product or service in your industry should observe that you are… you. Every sales and marketing communications from your company need to have a consistent brand identity – from web ads and email blasts to contest deals and catalogs. A puzzled client is not probably be a return consumer, and raising your business is not something you wish left to chance.

Second, inconsistent branding weakens self-belief in your business among consumers aware of your brand. Say the corporate logo presented in your newest email blast is different even a little from that on your website’s landing page. Can the recipient be reassured that the interaction is by you, and not from a competitor aiming to take a portion from your market share? Additionally, a consumer witnessing numerous brand identities for the same business might speculate how well you can fulfill their anticipations if you can’t deal with your own brand. Harsh, but true.

What you can do

There are a few fundamental steps you can take to guarantee brand consistency.

First, make sure you’re dealing with a designer who is aware of your requirements. Clearly communicate to your designer all the loopings of your brand (websites, web ads, print ads, email blasts, social media presence, hard copy, signage, and also t-shirts). All over your brand appears, it should be crystal clear, identifiable and consistent.

Second, examine and re-examine your brand’s online existence. If you’re rebranding, ensure that any out-of-date logos or palettes are taken out and substituted by latest ones. No strays permitted.

Third, look into the concept against the vision. If your business aim has altered, make sure your entire outlets indicate the present objective. This implies reviewing headlines, taglines, and copy for nuances that could challenge uniformity. If you offer several services or products, ensure they all fit under the umbrella of your brand identity. Efficient interaction, expert design, and a little diligence are key elements in making a consistent and effective brand.

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