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Logos for a business

Logos are the emblems of a company which embody the name and other important elements of the business. Logos are the representation of your company among hundreds of other logos in the market.

Importance of logos

The importance of a well-designed logo is undeniable. A well-designed logo performs the following functions for your company:

  • Each logo is designed for a particular company and no one else can use them.
  • Custom logos are the embodiment of the company’s integrity.
  • They are a visual interpreter of a company’s nature, quality, character, and attitude.
  • They give the business credibility.
  • Consumer logos establish immediate recognition for the company.
  • They convey the company’s message.
  • Instill a sense of trust and familiarity in the public.
  • They symbolize the company in the market.
  • Abstract logos become more memorable as an entity for your business.

Custom logo power

When you have selected a custom logo for your business, you present your business in the market using your products, stationery and promotional material with a small emblem portraying your message and purpose. Custom logos should be designed such that the sight of it instills a sense of credibility.

Power of credibility

Credible logos have the power to persuade. Your custom logos project your image in the market. If the image projected is persuasive you can attract customers, if your product is as good as your marketing you will profit.


The Nike logo is a simple, but powerful sign. When this logo was introduced, it became the fashion and nearly every product related to sporting goods, clothes, accessories was printed with this sign. The logo portrayed this company as one that provided the best product, the company’s quality proved the marketing strategy. There are various examples of custom logos which made companies and their products famous. It is important for a company to have custom logos to give them separate, distinctive identification in the market. If the logos are similar to others, they can be easily confused with others and their identity.