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Why 110designs is better than 99designs

Why 110designs is better than 99designs

Logo Design Contests

It’s affordable

Prize money prize-money starts from $299 and offering around 30 designs, while at logo design contest prize-money starts from $110 only and offers up to 35+ logo designs.

Making your contest private

99designs cost for making your contest private is +$39. 110designs do it in only +$15 for you.

Logo design contest duration

99designs has the only free feature is standard 7 days logo design contest. The quicker you need your logo design the higher the cost at 99designs, like if you need your logo design in 3 days, 99designs will charge you +$39. But 110designs offers you logo design contest duration from 2 to 10 days for FREE.

Pay less, get more…

99designs average design rate is 108 designs per $299 logo design contest. If you compare this with 110designs, 50+ average design entries are offered in just $110. If you double the prize-money that means you will get 100+ designs in just $220. This doubled prize-money at 110designs is still less than 99designs starter prize-money.

Quality. Creativity. Professionalism.

Judge the quality, creativity and professionalism by yourself. – quality, creativity and professionalism. – quality, creativity and professionalism.

So the decision is yours. Launch an affordable logo design contest in just $110 now.