Importance of Pen and Paper in Graphic Designing on Computer

Importance of Pen and Paper in Graphic Designing on Computer

I am sure it would not be easy to remember when you actually used pen and paper to write something. It is not one bit surprising that we use pen and paper very rarely these days. In today’s world when technology has taken over, things like laptop and tablets are in use all over the world. But when it comes to designing, the important fact can’t be ignored that making use of pen and paper is of utmost importance, things such as designing, sketching, and writing and all the activities that come under brainstorming, can be done efficiently with pen and paper.

The use of pen and paper will definitely help you get the best out of yourself when it comes to creativity and quickly too, it will definitely make your work more efficient than ever before.  One of the best things about the use of pen and paper is it will also save you time and energy.

Some of the advantages of using pen and paper before going on to the computer are:

  • It will help you fight the designer block
  • It will definitely save you time and energy
  • Use of pen and paper will give you a clearer perspective
  • Will help you not to miss or forget an idea


As we all know technology is on the rise, we have to keep up with the technology and at the same time we have to keep the traditional things that are of importance in mind too, especially the ones which helps you work in a better way when it comes to graphic designing.