Concept Originality Policy

The basic tenets of the 110Designs community are Honesty, originality, and respect.

Do not copy other designers’ work.

Understand that some similarity is to be expected.

Obvious concepts are open to be developed by all designers, for example:

  • using flowers for a flower shop logo
  • arranging the initials of a company.

However, designers must create their own unique implementations.

Any concept presented in the brief can be developed by all designers.

Unique and original concepts must be respected and only developed by the designer that introduced them.

Here’s an example:

A real estate logo contest for Smith Properties is filled with designs based on obvious concepts like houses, roofs, windows, buildings etc. Then a designer submits a really clever design based on a bird and the contest holder gives it a high rating. Other designers cannot start submitting designs based on birds. This is a unique concept original to that designer alone.

Should a dispute arise, please be polite and professional while the dispute is resolved.

Failure to follow the rules will result in your 110Designs account being suspended or possibly closed forever.