How do I give feedback to the designers in my contest?

You can give designers feedback in a number of ways:

1. Leave comments on designers’ entries page

This is the most important and productive way of leaving feedback, as it allows you to interact with the designers and provide guidance. Tell designers if their design is going in the right direction, and how they can improve their submission. Comments on designer’s entries page are not visible to other designers except that particular designer.

2. Rate the designs

This gives designers an indication of what you do and don’t like. Just roll your cursor over the stars above each design thumbnail image, and click the rating you’d like to give.

Early in the contest, it’s usually a good idea to not rate designs above 3 stars—this keeps your contest competitive. The 4- and 5-star ratings are the highest possible ratings that you can give, so new designers might be discouraged from entering a contest where designs are already getting ratings at that level.

3. Eliminate designs from the contest

This lets designers know that the specific design wasn’t what you were looking for, as well as the reason it’s not being considered. To eliminate a design, simply click the Eliminate link appears below the entry.

4. Use Discussion Board

Leave public comments in the contest Discussion area.