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15+ years experience in graphic design, logo design, corporate branding, brand management, and web development. I've worked as an employee or freelance design consultant for companies in the finance, insurance, real estate, environmental services, beauty, and entertainment industries (among others). For logo/branding projects, I focus on :

  • Clarity of communication : a nod toward common identifiers for your industry, but without being overly literal, with art and typography that're both distinctive and clean.
  • Suitability for multiple applications : a design or family of variants well-suited to all the uses and sizes you'll need it for -- enormous to tiny, online, on brochures, on business cards, on the side of a truck, on the side of an ink pen, in full color or black and white. Designs that don't translate well to other sizes or color profiles don't make the cut.
  • Long-term usability : designs that aren't so of-the-moment or trendy that they'll look dated in just a couple of years.


Gender Female
Country United States

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