How come my contest isn’t getting any entries?

If you’re not getting entries to your design contest, ask yourself these questions.

» Is my contest attractive to designers?

Designers in our community are less likely to enter a contest which isn’t guaranteed or offers only the minimum prize. Consider increasing the prize on offer to attract more designers.

» Am I giving lots of detailed feedback?

Designers love feedback. Your brief acts as a starting point, but your feedback is vital for designers to create a design you love. Keep on top of feedback: eliminate designs and designers that don’t interest you, and leave comments and ratings for designers who do.

» Have I waited for long enough?

The more complex your design contest is, the longer you may have to wait for entries to start appearing. Designers can start to knock up simple logo designs within a day, but complex web page designs may take at least a couple of days to start appearing.

If your requirements are complex, it’ll take designers longer to meet them.

» Am I answering all questions which are being asked?

Make sure you also answer questions in the Discussion area of your contest.

» Are my contest title and brief clear and to the point?

Make sure that your contest title is clear and eye-catching. Also check that your brief is clearly written, and that you’re asking for only one category of design.

Still having trouble getting designers to your contest? Contact our support team — we’re here to help!

Also, check out our advice on how to run a successful design contest.


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