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Minimalist Book cover, spine and back cover

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Winning design by Surekhan for Contest: Simple Scaling Book cover

Contest: Simple Scaling Book cover
Category: Other Graphic Design
Launched: Sat, 07 Aug 2021 11:45:46 +0000
Received: 132 designs from 16 designers
1st Winning Design by: Surekhan
Closed: Wed, 18 Aug 2021 17:34:16 +0000

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Creative Brief

Contest title: Simple Scaling Book cover
Sub title: Minimalist Book cover, spine and back cover
Category: Other Graphic Design
Brand Name: Simple Scaling
Summary: I am looking for a minimalist book cover with a focus on the font. The book is a business book helping business leaders scale their business.

We have written a book about helping business leaders scale their business. We want the book to be simple on a white background using our brand colours. We want a minimalist look and feel that follows our brand guidelines with maybe a simple graphic to show the scaling aspect.

The title of the book is:

Simple Scaling: 10 PROVEN PRINCIPLES TO 10X YOUR BUSINESS (the font does not have to be in capitals

You can find our logo here: 

We want a book that uses our primary colours and some of our secondary colours which includes: 

  • White
  • Our lights blue which is

Our light blue is


PRINT(CMYK) 65 0 0 0


And darker blue (although we would not want this as the background)

PANTONE 70-3-6 C

WEB(RGB) 12 60 128

PRINT(CMYK) 100 86 24 19

HEX #0C3C80

Dark Grey pantones

Pantone 7540C

Web (RGB) 132  134  136

Print 0  0  0  60

HEX #848688

Light Grey Pantone

Web 169  171  174

Print 0  0  0  40




What I want:
  • I want the book to look light and fresh
  • I want to see ideas on the blue background or white background using the colours above for text. I want the text to be really modern and sans serif.
  • I would like to see a simple graphic to represent the scaling. If there is no graohic the font needs to be really strong
  • We use arrows as part of the logo, so maybe something there
  • I would also like to see the spine and back cover with placeholder text as we don't have that yet
  • I am happy to have a different colour on the front to the back


What I don't Want: Fussy, busy designs, serif fonts, the darker blue from the colour palette used as a background

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Tue, 17 Aug 2021 18:23:49 +0000

Dear Designers: Contest has been extended for 2 more days. Submit your creative designs to WOW Contest Holder.

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