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redesign of art work for van livery

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Winning design by lizacrea for Contest: Vehicle graphics for ALL-TRADES

Contest: Vehicle graphics for ALL-TRADES
Category: Other Graphic Design
Launched: Wed, 06 Mar 2013 23:53:51 +0000
Received: 11 designs from 5 designers
1st Winning Design by: lizacrea
Closed: Wed, 13 Mar 2013 23:53:51 +0000

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Creative Brief

Contest title: Vehicle graphics for ALL-TRADES
Sub title: redesign of art work for van livery
Category: Other Graphic Design
Brand Name: ALL TRADES

We need existing proofs modified for our company van before they go off to be sign written


Our company is All-Trades, we are builders with a difference and advertise as 'multi skilled professionals. We offer the following services - plastering, tiling, plumbing, carpentry, electrics, decorating, upvc, kitchens, bathrooms, wet rooms, showers, conservatories, drive ways.

We have the basic design and our sign writers now want to charge extra time for changes to the art work, so we thought we would come here as it is money better spent.

We want to keep with the overall design but are open to ideas.

Additional Information:

What I want:

Our vans are black, we have a green, white and silver colour scheme. I came up with the idea of a green wave wrap around the bottom of the van same as our business cards.

I want to change the font on the phone number and web address so it stands out more and is not in 'space age' the same as the logo.

I want to change the logo to front and rear so the ball is to the left as it is on the sides, this means reducing it in size so it fits across.

I want to move the logo on the front down to the bonnet, and the phone number and web address up above the windscreen.

Keep it same height on rear so it will create a space underneath to allow for f'book, twitter, linkein, google icons and a 'checkatrade' logo which is arecommendation site we use.

on the side below the logo and down the front door we would like the above icon and checkatrade logo.

on the bottom green wave we would like in different sizes and different colours all the services we offer. in white, black, silver, what ever looks best. they can be randomly placed and get lost on and off the edges if that makes sense, leave it up to you and then give feed back.

Good luck and please ask any question or requst info or images. Chris

What I don't Want:

we dont want our vans to look cheap or the same as any other vans out there, a professional, eye catching looking van.

Contest Material

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301_832186169.pdf current van design. pdf all-trades logo. ai file
301_136627425.jpg checkatrade logo. jpg


user avatar 110Designs Administrator
Mon, 11 Mar 2013 05:52:45 +0000

Designers: You can find the Vector format of current van design here:

Submit you creative designs and WOW contest holder.

user avatar alltrades Contest Holder
Sun, 10 Mar 2013 06:05:13 +0000

#4. sorry but you have chaged to much of the design. Wrong colour green. wording far to small on rear, can hardly read it, but thank you.

user avatar alltrades Contest Holder
Sun, 10 Mar 2013 06:02:49 +0000

#3. Could you please use the new CAT logo which will be transparent, i.e black background. It's what the company supplies for a black van. keep the phone number white please. all 4 icons to right of the CAT logo in a square shape and make logo slightly bigger same as side door.....thanks

user avatar alltrades Contest Holder
Sun, 10 Mar 2013 05:54:49 +0000

#2. CAT logo in right place on side doors. Wording looks to empty on green part, same as in #3. prefer the look of #1 but wrapping around the whole of the green part, wheel arches etc. maybe repat words if you need to fill space. You can add some other services - heating, refurbishments, brickwork, drainage

user avatar 110Designs Administrator
Fri, 08 Mar 2013 06:53:57 +0000

Attention Designers! Following files are attached by contest holder:

Current Van Design

All-trades Logo

Checkatrade Logo

Contest is guaranteed and the winner will get prize of $90. Submit your creative designs and you can be a winner.

user avatar kriwoel Designer
Thu, 07 Mar 2013 17:03:02 +0000

whether to use illustrasti van that you bring?, I mean to simply adjustment

user avatar alltrades Contest Holder
Thu, 07 Mar 2013 16:10:22 +0000

#1. Thanks for the first design. The size of wording on the green part showing our services needs to be bigger font and to wrap around the back and above rear wheel arch so it looks like it's scrolling. The logo on the rear needs to come down a bit lower and the orientation of the icons and checkatrade logo need changing please so that the icons are either side of the c.a.t logo. remove the 'kitchens, bathrooms, wetrooms' wording.
on the front could we have the phone number and web address a bit bigger thanks. on the side of van could we have a bigger c.a.t logo on the sliding door and keep the icons where they are please. will give more feedback after changes, thankyou

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