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Awards Website

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Awards Website



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Brand: Green Planet Awards


Contest Description:

Awards website where 1. Female contestants can submit application/upload photos which are then rated by the general public. Each profile should have below or beside it and below it --box space for sponsors/ads 2. Nominations for Awards in various environmental categories in a pull-down (Education, Housing, Transport, Health, Climate Change, Afforestation, Govt. Policy, Water, Waste etc) . The submitted photos should appear automatically on the front page which forms a gallery. Users can click any one photo from the gallery and it goes to the profile page of the contestant--where she is rated.

Engaging, enticing and glamorous home page layout and contentFeature content and include gallery of most recent  contestants.

Engaging feedback optionsImplement creative voting, rating and commenting options to enable visitors to participate in the contest, provide feedback and interact with content. Ability to extend content to public social networksUsers should be able to share content on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as third-party blogs to boost contest awareness, brand reach, and traffic.

Both the environmental awards and the pageant will take place on one day in one event. So the two go hand in hand. Once a user lands on the site, they will see that they are being prodded/urged to do two things 1. vote for the pageant contestants 2. nominate a person/institution. After nominations close, they will be urged to vote for the environmental nominees. l

ENVIRONMENTAL AWARDS--Users will be doing two things with regard to nominees--1. nominating --then once nomination period is closed--2. Voting. To nominate, a user should click a link from the homepage to where the nomination form is -(very simple form-NAME, INSTITUTION, BACKGROUND, CATEGORY WITH DROP DOWN FORM) . A few of the Environmental Awards Nominees photos and their names and titles-should also appear on the front page lower after the pageant contestant photos--a link will then take the user to the Nominees page. Users should be urged to Vote for the nominees through prominent Call to Action.. All nominees will be in one page in the form of a gallery. The Nominees page will be divided into the various categories going down vertically.

Flow of Homepage

The logos of the organizations involved. The Green Planet Foundation, Miss Green Planet Organization

Slider for photos

Space for text--Introductory statement—etc such as:

Join us in our crusade to help combat climate change. If we each make small changes to the way we live our daily lives we can all make big changes for our environment. It's time to be aware and to take a stand for our planet. The best step towards the eco or nature conservation is the use of eco friendly products in our day to day life. These include environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and sustainable products including building materials, flooring, adhesives, paints and finishes, printing, vehicles, clothing, office supplies, foods, automobiles, cosmetics ecetera.

Miss Green Planet 2012

Beauty for Eco Change

Will you be the next Miss Green Planet?

This should be on top of the button :Submit today


This means the idea is to urge the visitor to go to the gallery page--

A statement can be added:

To our esteemed visitors Help select the Miss Green Planet 2012. Please go to Contestant gallery and Vote for the contestant you feel should hold the title of Miss Green Planet

This is a statement that we should be able to edit.

VOTE NOW—CHOOSE MISS Green Planet --Instead of rating, we simply want people to vote for one person. That would mean below every photo, there would be something clickable –A click generating a tick --and that would be that user's choice. And the total votes cast for that contestant would go up. Can people change their minds? Yes people should be able to switch their votes by un-clicking.

Become a Sponsor button can be added somewhere on the front page. We will add the sponsor page ourselves.

Green Planet Awards 2012

Nominations open for the Green Planet Awards

We invite members of the environmental community to look back at the past year and nominate great environmental innovations, programs, institutions, individuals, organizations and businesses for recognition specifically for their work in helping reduce emission of greenhouse gases. The full list of award categories and the submission form can be found at the nominations page.

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1st Winner
Awards Website
design #13 by lizacrea
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