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Atchison Rail Museum

J Pregont picked a winning design in their Logo Design contest. For just $150 they received 51 designs from 10 designers.

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Atchison Rail Museum

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Design Brief


We have recently acquired a Rail Museum and will be upgrading and refurbishing the old rail cars. We want a logo that will capture the essence of the railroad and grab your attention


We want a logo ... probably using the 811 steam engine in some way... that will let people know we're about the railroad. We'll use it in numerous ways including signage, pins, patches, etc.

Brand Name:

Atchison Railroad Museum


Every car in the museum is historic so we want that as a theme... attractive

Don't Wants:

we don't want it to be cartoonish or juvenile ; not modern or futuristic

Contest Designs


1st Winner

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by: zacksign


by: greENDart


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by: Baidya


by: Baidya


by: wow


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May know, You're going to used this logo in "811 steam engine" or museum general purpose | places?

Thu, 28 Jul 2016 13:55:26 +0000


At the end of contest, a Winner needs to provide following formats of the winning logo design:

» Adobe Illustrator (.AI) - Vector format
» Adobe Acrobat (.PDF) - Portable document format
» Encapsulated Post Script (.EPS) Vector format
» Adobe Photoshop (.PSD) Layered format
» Joint Photographic Group (.JPG) Image format (RGB colors)
» Graphic Interchange Format (.GIF) Image format (RGB colors)
» Portable Networks Graphic (.PNG) Image format (RGB colors)
» Tagged Image File Format (.TIFF) Printable image format (CMYK colors - 300dpi)

Contest is guaranteed. Come up with your creative designs & WOW Contest Holder.

Good luck!

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Guidelines for Contest Holder:

You can provide feedback to designers via following methods:

1. Rate the designs using Star Ratings above each of the design.
2. Use Discussion section to provide feedback to all designers.
3. Use Designer Entries page to provide feedback to specific designer on specific design. (Click on "Entries" link below each of the design)
4. Use Private Message System at the top right corner of contest page. (Click on Designer name below the designs; now @designer's profile page click on "Send a message to Designer" on the right side.)

This will really help designers to produce a quality design you are looking for.

Thu, 28 Jul 2016 10:52:07 +0000

Brand Name has been corrected!

Thu, 28 Jul 2016 10:47:08 +0000

So sorry that we have a typo... it should be Atchison Railroad Museum!
My fingers got too fast sometime...

Thu, 28 Jul 2016 06:19:27 +0000

Hi, Any Feedback for #9 & #10 ?